New TV VO spot - I'm the voice of True Health New Mexico!



  • Acoustically Treated Studio with Broadcast Quality Sound

  • Source Connect Standard 

  • Zoom/Skype

  • High-Speed Internet Connection 

  • Neumann TLM 103 Microphone 

  • Apollo Twin X Interface

  • Sannheiser HD 280 Headphones

  • Macbook Pro

  • Adobe Audition 

a little bit about me... in VO!

 demos !

Animation Demo - Michelle Campbell
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Commercial Demo - Michelle Campbell
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 my resume !

Michelle has been working professionally in VO since 2013. Her Animation Voiceover credits include Disney Jr’s Doc McStuffins as Sadie the Parrot, a McDonald’s commercial for Smurf’s: The Lost Village as Smurfette, and a Lead role in a scratch record feature film with the creators of Jimmy Neutron and the voice of Jimmy— Debi Derryberry— herself! 

Michelle’s Voiceover commercial credits include: The Voice of True Health New Mexico (Various TV/Radio spots), Blue Cross/Blue Shield, REELZ Channel, Tesuque Casino, Tesuque Stucco, and more!


In addition to being the voice of the 2020 New Mexico Addy Awards, Michelle has worked on several video games as well as looping/ADR for shows such as House of Cards, Unreal and The Flash.


​In Los Angeles, Michelle studied with many Voiceover legends-- her favorites being-- Sara Jane Sherman, Debi Derryberry (Jimmy Neutron), Ginny McSwain (and many more).

Clients I've worked for

work clips!

Doc McStuffins on Disney Junior

McDonald's Commercial as "Smurfette"

New Commercial work!!

Radio Ads

Fertility Center of New Mexico_15 - Michelle Campbell
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Fertility Center of New Mexico_30 - Michelle Campbell
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Blue Cross Blue Shield - Michelle Campbell
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Tesuque Casino - Michelle Campbell
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Blue Cross/Blue Shield - Michelle Campbell
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Tesuque Stucco - Stucco Envy - Michelle Campbell
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Please enjoy this Holiday REELZ commercial - "25 Days of Celebrity"

Please listen to "Geraldo Rivera's Murder in the Family," on Apple Podcasts, PodcastOne and Spotify! I voiced the open/close and promos for these episodes.

Open - Michelle Campbell
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Close - Michelle Campbell
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Promo - Michelle Campbell
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"Evil Apple Devices" short as the "iPhone"

work PHOTOS!

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